Felt Envelope

It was Aseem’s friend’s birthday and I ran out of wrapping paper. This forced me to come up with an alternative – it had to be presentable and ready within half an hour’s time. My sufficient stock of felt was the best option I had and this is what I came up with.

All that I needed was a felt sheet, some thick white thread (I used the crochet thread), two wooden buttons and adhesive Velcro patches. Within half an hour’s time this envelope was ready.

This felt project is a quick DIY gift packaging stuff which has the advantage of being re-usable. How about making it yourself?

You need:

Felt sheet – size depends upon your requirement
Thread – this can be of the felt colour or a contrast
Needle – as per the thickness of the thread
Velcro patches – adhesive ones are easy to use. If you do not get them you can stitch them on.

Make it:
Fold the felt sheet a little away from the middle so that you have a portion left to make the overlapping cover.

Pin the sheet in place so that it is easy to stitch the sides.

Using running stitch stitch along both sides of the felt.

Stitch the buttons in place.

Attach one side of the Velcro patches just under the buttons. The other side will be attached on the back of the envelope so as to make both sides meet.

And your envelope is ready!

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