Multipurpose pouch

This is a small, cute, multipurpose and very easy to make pouch. Hardly takes time to give shape to it and before you know it you have a multipurpose DIY pouch ready for you. Use it as a mobile pouch and at the same time carry a little money as well as your keys, it all fits in pretty well.
This one here is black in color but would like to try out one with a little more splash of color.

Mobile pouch
Simple clutch
Multipurpose pouch

Tried out a similar pouch but this one is a case for my external hard disk. Have made two sections inside it to allow different spaces for the disk and the connecting cable.

The sad part is that my colours went the other way. Made a mistake while stitching and what should have been inside became the outer portion while the outer one went inside. Must say did not go as expected but its ok since my disk is going to be safe in it

Snugly external hard disk pouch
Two separate sections for the disk and the cable
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