Cushion Cover

Between all the article writing and storyboarding it is always fun to take some time to create something. This one cushion of mine was screaming for a cover and I just could not ignore it. So here it is with its brand new cover made all by myself for my cushion and to add a splash of color to my couch.

It is simple and easy to do it. I did go a bit wrong with the zipper as I was trying out this different way to attach it. But in the end it turned out to be pretty fine.

I have also tried to keep the inside stitches clean by first stitching the three closed sides right-way out. Next I pulled the inside out and ran a stitch all along the three sides with right sides in. This way the inside stitches do not show the rugged edges and besides it also adds strength to the stitch.

I will soon come up with a tutorial for this as I find a DIY cushion cover to be far more better than a store bought one.