Cooling and Refreshing Aam Panna in minutes

A cooling summer drink that not only quenches your thirst but also saves you from suffering a heatstroke. Yes, I am referring to the Aam Panna or Keri Panna or the green mango panna.

I had rather not go into the benefits of this cool summer drink. It is tasty enough to appeal to all, benefits or no benefits.Usually the aam panna would take quite so
me time to prepare with all the boiling or roasting of the raw mangoes. However, if you invest some time one day, you will be able to prepare your chilled and refreshing summer drink within minutes.


This is what you do – you prepare the raw mango pulp and refrigerate it.

You will need:

Raw Mangoes – 500 gms


Preheat your oven to 200 degree Celsius.

Wash the mangoes and place them in the oven.

Place the mangoes on the oven grill in the middle row. On the bottom row place the oven baking plate. The plate will catch all the liquid the mango will exude while baking.

Bake the mangoes for close to 20 minutes. When the mangoes appear to shrivel a bit you will know they are almost done. Turn off the oven and leave the mangoes in it.

Allow the mangoes to cool down in the oven. Any bit of uncooked portion will also get cooked in the oven while sitting in the hot oven.

When the mangoes are cool peel them and squeeze out the pulp. You will have to use your hands to get good results.

The pulp will appear lumpy in nature. Transfer the pulp to a mixer jar and run it for a couple of minutes or till you see the pulp come to a uniform consistency.

Transfer the pulp to a container and refrigerate. It will stay perfectly good for at least a week.

To get your glass of aam panna in a jiffy, your work is done.

Prepare a glass of Aam Panna

You will need:

  • Raw mango pulp: 1 heaped tsp
  • Black salt: 1/4 tsp
  • Roasted cumin powder: 1/3 tsp
  • Sugar: 1 heaped tsp
  • Water
  • Prepare your drink:

Dissolve sugar in a little bit water. When completely dissolved add the mango pulp, black salt, cumin powder and stir well.

When evenly mixed,  fill the glass with cold water, stir and  slurp!


  • You can also prepare a sugar syrup by boiling one cup of sugar in half a cup of water.
  • Black salt gives a different and distinct flavour compared to the common table salt.
  • You can also use sea salt.
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