Christmas Cakes – Some of the Best Recipes

It is once again that time of the year when flavourful cakes tingle your nostrils … nuts, peels, spices, rum. You can never have enough of these cakes.

While some begin preparations months ahead there are some who go for the last minute run. Which type are you?

No matter which category you fall in are there are endless numbers of recipes available on the internet.

To make your life a little simpler I have tried to compile some of the best ones I have come across so far. You are sure to love anyone of these you try.

Do try at least one of them. Christmas time has to have a Christmas Cake.

Christmas Fruitcake

Christmas time is the time for fruity cakes and this recipe is a sure delicacy. Dried cherries, cranberries, mango, and some more fruits do full justice to its name.

You need not be cooking and baking in advance. This fruit bursting cake can be prepared at the last minute too.



Easy Fruit Cake

Dark, moist, flavour rich and irresistible! It is a fairly easy cake to prepare with remarkable results. This site also gives you an instruction video to make things simpler for you.

What more excuse can you have for not baking a Christmas Cake?


Christmas Special Fruitcake

This is a total treat for your eyes, nose and taste buds. One look at it and you will know how amazing this Christmas Fruitcake is ought to be.

Make it for yourself; gift it to friends and family; share it at your workplace. Where ever you take it the compliments are sure to pour in.




Simmer and Stir Christmas Cake

The day I baked this cake my neighbours too came asking ‘what that heavenly smell was’.

No soaking for a month or two. Prepare a day or two in advance and give it all the time to bake. What you have is a Christmassy smelling house making it difficult to resist waiting till Christmas.




Make and Mature Christmas Cake

If you like to prepare your cake well in advance this is for you. Feed it rum or brandy till Christmas allowing it to mature. Ice it or have it as it is this cake is a sure hit.

To give you a glimpse of the ingredients: Brandy/Sherry/Whisky/Rum, mix of dried fruits, orange juice, ground almond, spices and many more.



Christmas Cake

Simple name, exotic cake! Start preparations in October or November and allow it mellow over time. When ready you bite into a moist, juicy, flavour bursting, rich Christmas Cake.

You need to try it to believe it.

If you have a recipe please do respond with it.

It is always great to try different recipes!

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