Felt Key Chain

Lolly Key Chain
Just finished with this super-easy and quick felt project.  This cute little felt key chain is a fun project that is very kids friendly with a little bit of help needed towards the end – the stitching part. I sure did enjoy making this key chain and have now got my car keys smartly hanging in it. The material required is also very simple and minimal making this felt activity all the more easier. The only thing that might require some searching is the key ring or hook. But if you have old key chains lying around they can be put to good use here. Besides, you will be a proud owner of a self-made key chain.  It hardly takes half an hour to complete it.
You need:
  • Felt pieces –  these can be small left over pieces that you may have   from other projects. Get creative and choose the colours you like.
  • A key ring or hook
  • Thread – colour depends upon the felt colour
  • Scissors
  • Needle

 Here I have shown pictures of the ‘Lolly Key Chain’.

Make it:
Draw the desired shape on the felt. For the Lolly here I took the base as orange and drew the entire shape with the lolly and lolly-stick on it. The purple felt is only for the lolly. (It would be a good idea to draw a template on a piece of paper and tracing that on to the felt.)
Cut along the drawn shape.
Insert the ring half-way through the base felt (orange).
Fold the felt in half to get the lolly shape.
Place both the purple lolly shapes on both sides of the orange felt.
Sew all along the purple felt using a running stitch. I have used the purple colour here since the lolly is purple in colour. You can also use a different colour to add a sparkle to it.
Your Lolly key chain is ready!

Similarly I have made the Car Key Chain using blue and yellow felt.

Car Key Chain and Lolly Key Chain

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