T- shirt to Drawstring Bag

This was a project I had on my mind since a long time. Aseem outgrew this t-shirt but I would not let go of it. Somehow liked it a lot and wanted to re-use it.

T-shirt to Drawstring bag

Initially I thought of making a cushion cover out of it but finally settled on a drawstring bag.

Being a full-sleeve t-shirt I had ample material to give it extra storage options. I ripped open the seams of the sides and the sleeves. (This was the most difficult part of the job since the entire shirt had a serge stitch running all around.)

The front and back of the t-shirt formed the front and back of the bag. The sleeves formed the front and internal side-pocket. (see the two small pen caps peeping from the right side. they are in the pocket).

I did have the basic idea of a drawstring bag but the task of inserting storage space, especially the internal side-pocket, needed a bit of thinking. Besides, as is well known, practical on-the-job work is the best way to understand the task and this was exactly what happened here. As I continued the stitching the ideas kept coming in the pieces fell in place. What I had before me was a cute looking t-shirt looking even better as a re-furbished drawstring bag.

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