Fox Nut, Do We Know You?

How many of us have had this nut? I am sure all of us. However, not all of us know that is called a Fox Nut.
Strange right? Has no resemblance to a fox or a nut and yet it is called the Fox Nut.
We call it Makhana in hindi. Yes, our very own humble makhana. Makhana is a nut and the seed of the lotus.
Mostly found in Asian countries the health benefits of the makhana are many. Sadly it is a much ignored food item that mostly comes out during fasts. It is time we gave the makhana a little more importance and made it part of our daily snack list.
When cooked with butter the fox nut can serve as an excellent snack for children. The crunchy-munchy tasty nuts are far better than the popcorn too.

Pack a powerful snack

Health benefits of makhana are many. But what are these benefits? Let us take a look at them.
• Low in sodium and high in magnesium and potassium; this means these nuts are friendly to those suffering from heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.
• The astringent properties of the lotus seeds are beneficial for kidney health.
• Fiber rich foods are good and going by that principle the makhana is definitely one of the best food ingredients.
• Kaempferol is a natural flavonoid which prevents aging and inflammation and the fox nut is one good source of this flavonoid.
• Our humble makhans is low on glycemic index too and that makes it a dieters’ choice. Grind it and add to the roti flour and give your rotis a nutritious kick.
• Easily digestible 9.7 percent protein in one serving of makhana is yet another point in its favour.
Ways to have Fox Nut

Ways to consume fox nuts
The simplest way to have the makhana is as a snack. Two cups of makhana roasted in two tablespoons of ghee and sprinkled with seasoning. Enjoy a hot cup of tea with this crunchy snack.
For children, replace the popcorn with fox nuts. Children might find this name to be interesting as well. Roast the makhana in butter to bring about the buttery flavour of popcorn.
As a main dish we can prepare makhana sabzi. Team it up with paneer, peas or any other vegetable. Make a rich narvratna sabzi by adding makhana to the recipe.
Fox nut can be served as desert too in the form of makhana kheer. While makhana and rice serve as the main ingredients add other nuts like cashew, blanched almonds, pistachio and raisins to prepare a royal treat.
One simple ingredient found underwater – the fox nut or makhana. From snack to desert we can savour it in multiple ways. Include it in your daily diet to experience the benefits.

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