Lockdown Days’ Dessert

“Amazing,” said a friend.

My heart went all bubbly.

“Oh my, what a mess you make,” said another.

“This, darling, is called food photography,” I defended my picture.

“Actually it is called food pornography,” she responded with a twinkle.

“This looks like ants crawling.” My husband and son gave the finishing stroke. From bubbly happy to ‘poof’ went my heart! But not without a smile and a good laugh. 

I know this is a food recipe sharing blog but let us be practical. I cannot be creating or trying some new recipe everyday but I can surely share my experiences with food.

A day or two ago my son wanted to have something ‘desserty’. These are lockdown days and ordering anything is not a good idea. Could I whip up something? Sounded even more difficult. There was no fresh cream or condensed milk. Eggs were in limited numbers and anything eggy would take a long time to make. Viola! I realized I had milk powder. How helpful was a pack of milk powder? Let’s see. There may be some possibility. A simple Pinterest search threw up some options and a Google search gave some more. The simplest one came across was the chocolate pudding mix on the Taste of Home website.

  • Prepare the pudding mix. All you need is some milk powder, cornstarch, sugar, cocoa powder, some butter and vanilla extract. 
  • Store it in a jar.
  • When ready to make, measure out the required amount and prepare it within minutes. 

Okay, if you want it chilled, then wait for a couple of hours. 

Get the recipe here Chocolate Pudding Mix

With simple ingredients and a simple method the pudding was ready in ten minutes. I will call this my Lockdown Days’ Pudding. 

Ready in minutes, gone in seconds. I was very skeptical but the efforts had paid off. Well done! I gave myself a pat on my back. 

Wouldn’t it have tasted better with ice cream? Sure it would, so today the ice cream arrived. I had to order medicines, so why not take advantage of the moment and slip in an order for an ice cream block too? (If you need to know, the medical store provides goods other than medicines too. Hence, the ice cream.)

With the ice cream resting in the freezer the pudding mix was calling out. This time it had to be more than the last so the quantity was tripled. 

Half of it is already gone and so is a large part of the vanilla ice cream. Don’t think the remaining is going to last another day. 

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