Ruminating Over Rum Cake

I need to stop composing my posts before-hand. 

I have tried to keep the image as presentable as possible. No matter what the outcome, cannot present an ugly cake. After all a cake is a cake.

Rum Cake – this has been on my mind since a long time. Pinterest searches have led to multiple recipes but nothing getting really shortlisted and pin-pointed. Plus, one more thing – all recipes would show this beautiful Bundt pan. Now I do not have that particular type of cake mould but when does Amazon come in use? An order for a Bundt cake mould is finally placed which is delivered the very next day. 

A beautiful bundt cake tin with sharp cuts which promises a well defined shape and design.

Ingredients ready and the mould also arrived; all that remains is for me to start baking. 

Finally, zeroing in on one recipe and at 8:30 in the night I decide to bake. And yes, the mood that day had been a little too low. Feeling very negative about my own existence but baking always lifts spirits. Besides, this particular cake was a much awaited one. 

Sieving, mixing, whipping, greasing, dusting, pre-heating, and then baking. The cake mix is in the oven. As a silly habit, I keep looking into the oven, peering in would be more appropriate a term to use. The rising cake lifts moods also. The more my cake rises the happier I am. After baking for 60 minutes the cake is completely done. Skewer test also comes out absolutely clean. 

I am expecting a well baked, brown layered cake with a lovely indented design. 

But do things always turn out the way they are expected to? Definitely not. 

All those ‘mind scripted’ texts go out of the window. After letting the cake cool in the mould for 10 minutes it is time for me to turn it over onto a cooling rack. Spirits are high; a beautiful cake is expected and . . . I am disappointed. Very disappointed. 

Wasn’t this supposed to be a non-stick mould?

Where is the beautiful golden colour?

Why has the sugar settled at the bottom?

Why is the cake not so firm?

Where is the sharp indent design?

This is devastating. For anyone who bakes cakes, such turn of events is no less than disasters and mishaps. Someday, again, I am going to try this. Don’t know when, but tomorrow is always a new day. 

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