PIZZA – Whole wheat, Thin crust, Homemade – all this in a matter of minutes. And not to forget the added benefit of using up all the leftover rotis in a lip smacking way!

This is probably the simplest and easiest pizzas I could make. And it solves so many purposes. It is a kid friendly snack. Leftover rotis are used without any wrinkled foreheads. Pizza is prepared at home. You get to choose your toppings at no extra cost. We need not mention the health side as this pizza is perfectly healthy for your family.

The idea came to me when I had a thin crust Dominos pizza. Why can we not do the same with rotis? And yes the results were amazing. The best part was my greatest critic, my son, relished every bit of it. It is now one of his regular after-school snacks.

Give it a try. You are sure to enjoy it and so are your children. After all which child does not like pizza? And if it is homemade pizza you too will be satisfied of serving a healthy snack. For small children it could be a whole meal in itself.


  • Rotis (leftover) – as many as you want to make
  • Pizza sauce – I used the Fun Foods Pizza and Pasta Sauce
  • Toppings of your choice – the choices are endless
  • Grated cheese – I have used the Britannia Cheezza
  • Pizza mix spices
  • Olive oil for drizzling and oiling the pan




Put the pan to heat on a very low flame. Cover the pan to create an oven effect.
Spread sauce on the roti.

 Spread the desired toppings.
Cover with grated cheese.

Drizzle half a teaspoon of olive oil in the pan. Using a spatula spread the oil to cover the entire base. You can also use an olive oil spray.

Gently place the prepared pizza in the pan and cover.

Keep a watch. In about five minutes the cheese will have melted. In some more time it will start bubbling.

Check with a spatula to see how crisp the base is. If it is crisp enough take it out in a plate and sprinkle the pizza mix spices
Cut into wedges and … what are you waiting for? Go ahead grab a bite!!


I have used a pan here but you can also prepare this in your oven. The crust will take a little longer to turn crisp but results are equally mouth-watering.

Add fresh basil leaves as topping to get a heavenly smell of the herb. You are going to love the aroma.


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